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Saturday, November 10, 2007

Nutsroots V Democrats Pt.2

Rahm Emanuel is a mainstream Democrat who has apparently decided that we should enforce the laws that he helps write. So he is backing Tom Tancredo's bill to actually enforce our immigration laws. He is also using his influence to persuade other Democratic lawmakers to support the bill. Kos has decided that this either makes Emanuel a racist, or scared.

I'm betting a lot of the impetus for this attack stems for the animosity Kos has for Emanuel. Emanuel is a mainstream Democrat, a DNCer. Add to that his history with the Clinton administration and his Washington insider status. Emanuel has also had highly visible disagreements with nutsroots darling Howard Dean. Emanuel is exactly the type of Democrat Kos is attempting to hijack the Democratic Party from.

As to the ad hominen attacks. Why is it assumed that you are a racist if you want to enforce American laws? Calling someone a racist for wanting to fix the problem of illegal immigration doesn't even rise to the level of logical fallacy. It's Elementary playground material. As for scared, at least Emanuel had the balls to actually run for office, instead of sitting in his living room leaching off the mentally or emotionally unbalanced fringe members of a political party.

Update: Digging the hole even deeper. Read the comments, they're priceless. The nutroots are completely out of sync with mainstream America. It seems pretty clear at this point that they are going to force the Democatic leadership to pull defeat from the jaws of victory.


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